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In the emergency preparedness community, dedicated survivalists (or preppers) often have a designated Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) for evacuating their families to a safer location. If they don’t have a designated specialty vehicle for bugging out, preppers will have at least one suitable bug out vehicle in their family fleet. Over the years, preppers and hurricane evacuees have provided some valuable tips for selecting a Bug Out Vehicle and preparing any family vehicle for a mass evacuation. If you ever need to grab your bug out bag and evacuate, you’ll definitely want to learn from the Bug Out Vehicle concept.

According to preppers, the ideal Bug Out Vehicle would be a 4×4 sport utility vehicle or truck with room for an evacuating family, pets, their vital documents, and their supplies. Ideally, a 4×4 would be fully outfitted for off-road adventuring and have big all terrain tires, lift kits to provide ground clearance, skid plates to protect vital components, a winch to get out of trouble, trailer hitches, and a CB radio. Since four wheel drive vehicles generally have poor fuel economy, a Bug Out Vehicle would have cargo carrying racks and the capacity to carry extra fuel internally or in gas cans. A dedicated Bug Out Vehicle of this ilk would certainly be capable of delivering a family to its evacuation location no matter what obstacles lay ahead. In actual hurricane evacuations, evacuees have been caught in torrential rains that sometimes swamped traditional passenger cars. While no one should drive through flood waters, even large puddles can challenge traditional cars. North Carolina emergency managers advise travelers not to travel through any water deep enough to hide the lines on the road and not to get out of your vehicle if it is covered by downed power lines.

Even if you don’t have an all wheel drive monster truck, emergency managers and disaster planners offer plenty of tips for preparing your family vehicle to bugout before a hurricane. They suggest that you keep your fuel tank full during hurricane season, that you prepare Bug Out Bags for your family with essential supplies and family documents, and that you be prepared to spend a very long time in your car during an evacuation. With everyone leaving at once, you may find yourself in the car forever. Katrina evacuees report being in the car for up to seventeen hours. Houston area evacuees have reported being in the car for nine hours or more. People, like Houston attorney, Donald Ray Burger, who have studied hurricanes and evacuations recommend having food, water, entertainment, cleaning supplies, toiletries and other necessities in your vehicle. You may even want to have a portable toilet or chamber pot to take care of bodily functions. The best advice is to make sure your vehicle is mechanically sound, pack a bug out bag with emergency supplies, and to leave ahead of the rush.


“Hurricane Preparations When A Storm Is Near,” Sharon Chapman, May 21, 2009.

“Tips On Evacuation From A Hurricane by Car in Houston,” Donald Ray Burger. Website.

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“Evacuation Routes.”North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety
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Hovercraft For Sale

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Hovercraft For Sale






Good news! Hovercraft For Sale now, limited time only. So, hurry get one now!

A UTV, or “utility vehicle” is a four-wheel vehicle that’s akin to an “all-terrain vehicle” (ATV). It’s basically a small truck with an open body. Utility vehicles are mainly used for hauling, pushing, towing, and other rugged tasks. Some of the best-known utility vehicles are the John Deere Gator, Kawasaki Mule and Polaris Ranger. Read this informative article and learn about the 3 important things you need to consider when you’re shopping for a utility vehicle!

1. Should I Buy a New or Good-Used Utility Vehicle?

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t buy a good-used utility vehicle. These vehicles are built for handling use and abuse. And that’s exactly what they get. I have yet to see a good-used utility vehicle for sale that was in decent shape. The tires are often bald, the bodies are scratched and dented, the cargo boxes are scratched, dented, and rusty,
and the lights and other accessories don’t work. You just know from the ragged looks that the engine has taken a beating as well.

You may think you can’t afford a new utility vehicle. But the major manufacturers of utility vehicles make them quite affordable to buy. Take the John Deere Gator Utility Vehicles, for example. According to the company website, you can buy a brand-new Gator for $55 to $100 a month, depending on what type you choose.

2. What’s the Best Engine for My Utility Vehicle- Gasoline, Diesel or Electric?

a) Gasoline engines are the most common type. If you want your utility vehicle to have a gas engine, you’ll have a large pool to choose from. They’re powerful and they’re quick and easy to refuel.

b) Diesel engines are just finding their place in utility vehicles. The Kawasaki Mule 3010 Diesel 4X4 Off-Highway Utility Vehicle and the John Deere Diesel Trail Gator 6X4 are two examples. Choose a diesel engine, and your choices will be greatly limited.

A utility vehicle with a diesel engine will use less fuel than a gasoline engine. It will also pull heavy loads easier. The biggest disadvantage of buying a diesel utility vehicle is that the fuel is harder to find, although it’s usually cheaper than gas.

c) Electric engines are the “greenest” way to go if you’re concerned about the environment. Choose a utility vehicle that runs by electric, and you’ll have the quietest power. The cheapest too! But, this type of utility vehicle also has a limited running time. It can take hours to recharge the batteries so you can get going again. Plus, a utility vehicle with an electric engine won’t have the “get-up-and-go” that a gasoline or diesel engine has.

3. What Will I Use My Utility Vehicle For?

Another important thing to consider when you’re shopping for a utility vehicle is, what will you use it for? If you’re going to transport people, then you’ll need a utility vehicle that has a seating capacity of at least four passengers. If you’re looking for power to climb hills and over rough domain, shop for a four-wheel drive instead of a two-wheel drive utility vehicle. As for the cargo bed, some are stationary, while others are dump beds.

Note: All product names are trademarked by their respective companies.


Hovercraft For Sale

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Online Concealed Carry Course

Learn more about the Online Concealed Carry Course here.

According to a ks.gov press release, a problem has erupted in the state of Kansas. An effort that sent out nearly 220,000 child safety gun locks in the state is being threatened by budget cuts in the federal government.

Lt. Governor Mark Parkinson is outraged and believes that it isn’t right of the government to do. He is now calling on Congress and even the President to help protect kids not only in Kansas, but all over the US, by restoring the program and support for it.

Parkinson said, “Gun locks help prevent accidental shootings, especially involving children. That’s why Kansans of all parties and all walks of life have supported the distribution of child safety locks. This common-sense safety effort should continue and I ask the President and our congressional delegation to make sure it does.”

The program was started back in 2001 by Lt. Governor Gary Sherrer. The Office of the Lieutenant Governor worked along with the Kansas Highway Patrol and over 300 local law enforcement agencies which helped give out nearly 220,000 of the child safety gun locks statewide. But this is different for the state. The Department of Justice cut funding for “Project ChildSafe” by nearly $4 million, which immediately brings the program to a stop.

Kansas mother Michelle Sarkof said, “The program has protected so many children already. When the locks are passed out, people do use them. When the state started the program a few years, my husband and I bought locks for our one handgun. We didn’t wait until we received one from the state. I hope that Congress and the federal government sees how big of a difference this makes on peoples’ lives and safety, especially children’s lives in Kansas and across the country.”

Aside from Lt. Governor Parkinson urging US Congress and other leaders across the country to support the program, Colonel William R. Seck, Superintendent of the Kansas Highway Patrol is also encouraging Congress to help.

Colonel Seck said, “Unlocked, unattended firearms can pose a serious danger to children. As adults, we have the responsibility to make sure we do all we can to prevent the tragedies associated with unlocked firearms.”

Lt. Governor Parkinson helped sponsor a resolution with the National Association of Lieutenant Governors. The resolution urges Congress and the President to renew and support the program’s funding. It was signed by a total of ten lieutenant governors across the country, five Republicans and five Democrats.

Online Concealed Carry Course

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Iphone 6 Release Date

Know the latest update about the Iphone 6 Release Date only here.

It’s coming. The much-anticipated iPhone from Apple. And it’s more than a phone. It’s an MP3 player. It’s a mobile photo album. It syncs with your computer. And of course it does the whole Internet thing too. Oh, and did I mention that it has a touch screen? Very cool indeed. And it’s only weeks away from its July 29 release date now. Service for the iPhone is exclusively AT&T.

Meanwhile questions still linger over how successful the iPhone will be, considering its high price-point (the 4GB iPhone will retail at $499; the 8GB iPhone will retail for $599). Will initial sales rise to the occation? After all, the release of the iPod met with slow sales, before it caught on later and became the must-have MP3 player. Reports say that there will be 3 million iPhones available for sale on opening day. And Apple head honcho Steve Jobs expects to sell 10 million by end of 2008. Wow. That’s ambitious. And that ambition is driving Apple’s stock prices.

Coincidentally, for some techno-geeks, the hyped -up iPhone is such a must-have that some are planning to camp outside stores before its release. That’s a move usually reserved for the hottest new video game systems or the newest Harry Potter book, not a cellular phone. Some are speculating that the style of the phone will drive sales, as exemplified by those willing to lose days sleeping outside stores. Others say that the phone might just do too much. Others also consider the price to be a major detractor.

But, if you are among those who just can’t wait for the iPhone release on June 29, you don’t have to. At least, not exactly.

You still can’t have the iPhone until June 29, but thanks to all the hype, at least one iPhone accessory maker is getting a jumpstart on sales. No, I am not kidding. BoxWave, a Washington-based accessory manufacturer, has announced that their accessories for the iPhone are now on sale. Yes, weeks before the launch of the iPhone.

Here’s what BoxWare has to offer:

– ClearTouch(R) Anti-Glare Screen Protector

– ClearTouch(R) Crystal Screen Protector

– VersaCharger(R) PRO (wall, car and airplane charger in one)

– iPhone Designio Leather Case(TM)

– iPhone Designio Leather Sleeve(TM)

– iPhone FlexiSkin(R)

– miniSync(R) Retractable Cable

– miniBuds(R) Stereo Headphones

– Battery Adapter PRO for Emergency Power

Want to know more? Click here to go to the BoxWare website.

Need to know more about the iPhone? Check out the Apple website.

As for the success of the iPhone, only time will tell.

Iphone 6 Release Date

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Makerbot Replicator 2

Wanna learn more about the Makerbot Replicator 2? Click here to find out more.

How to Make Gesso Modeling Dough: This is a craft recipe for gesso modeling dough. Gesso modeling dough is the perfect homemade dough to use for adding three dimensional details such as flowers or scrolls to plaques, photo frames, boxes, etc. This recipe for gesso modeling dough will make enough dough for several small decorative objects. If you need more dough, make separate batches and not one big batch.

Step 1: Gather the following ingredients to make gesso modeling dough: 1 teaspoon of good quality white glue such as Sobo, 1 tablespoon dextrine solution (make it by mixing 1 cup of powdered dextrine and 1 tablespoon hot water), 1/4 cup of plaster of Paris.

Step 2: Pour the white glue onto a plate.

Step 3: Add the dextrine solution and mix well.

Step 4: Add plaster of Paris one tablespoon at a time while mixing with a palette knife for putty knife. Keep adding the plaster of Paris until no more can be absorbed and it can no longer be mixed.

Step 5: Scrape the gesso dough together and knead it. Dip your hands in plaster of Paris to keep the dough from sticking to your hands. Knead until you have a pliable claylike mixture that is stiff enough to hold its shape.

Step 6: Model the objects that you wish to make.

Step 7: Let the objects dry for a week.

Step 8: Glue your objects to your base pieces (box, frame, etc.) with white glue and let dry.

Step 9: Paint as desired then apply a coat of shellac.

How to Make Gesso Painting Paste: This is a craft recipe to make gesso painting paste. Gesso painting paste is an excellent paste to use for repairing antique picture frames, mirrors, or any furniture that has scroll details. If there is a chip or missing piece of detail, simply fill it in with this gesso painting paste and let it dry. You can then paint to match. This gesso painting paste can also be used to draw letters of the alphabet or other designs. You just draw your details on wax paper, let them dry then glue to your project!

Step 1: Gather the following ingredients to make gesso painting paste: 1 teaspoon of white household glue like Elmer’s glue, 1 tablespoon of dextrine solution (buy dextrine near sugar in any grocery store and make a solution mixing 1 cup of powdered dextrine with 1 tablespoon of hot water), patching plaster, a cake decorator with round tip or decorative tips.

Step 2: Mix the glue with the dextrine solution in a small bowl.

Step 3: Add just enough patching plaster to make a paste thick enough to hold its shape yet soft enough to be pushed through a cake decorator.

Step 4: Put the gesso painting paste in the cake decorator and either use directly on any frame or mirror that needs to be mended by filling in any broken spots. Or draw designs or use decorative tips to make fancy scrolls on wax paper and let them dry then glue onto decorative frames or boxes.

Step 5: Paint your gesso creations as desired after they are completely dry.

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Makerbot Replicator 2

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Car That Runs On Water

If you want to learn more about running your car on water, you can visit How to Run Your Car on Water PDF for more information.


A car accident can happen at any time, but you should know that you are more likely to end up stranded, or in a ditch, during bad weather. When this happens, you want to be prepared for just about any occurrence, including being stuck where you are while waiting for help.

In an emergency, a cell phone can be your best friend. If you do have a need for one on a regular basis and don’t want to pay a monthly contract, get a prepaid phone. These are just like regular cell phones except you buy prepaid minutes and don’t have to deal with a contract. Always have a phone with you if you are traveling, especially if you are going into areas where you might end up isolated.

Besides having a cell phone, the best next thing you may want to have with you is the number to your auto club. These folks will come help you in almost any situation. Not only do they help with flat tires, towing, and keys that have been locked in the car, they can keep you updated on road conditions, and help you with driving directions.

If you don’t know how to change a tire, learn. You should always have a good spare tire in your trunk, along with a jack and the tool needed to loosen and tighten the lug nuts. Remember that you should never change a tire by yourself if your car is situated too close to the road. It is far to easy for a driver to hit you.

Have a stocked first aid kit in your car in case of medical emergency. This can be used to stop bleeding or to sooth burns while waiting for emergency services to arrive. Have bee sting medications inside along with a guide to first aid and CPR.

Other items you should have in your car at all times:

– Small tool kit (wrench, wire cutters, screwdrivers, and tape)
– Jumper cables
– Gas can
– Water (for radiator)
– Fire extinguisher
– Grease cutting hand cleaner
– Road flares or reflective orange triangles
– Light colored cloth to mark your vehicle if it is disabled
– Rags or paper towels
– Blankets (light colored are best)
– Non-perishable food
– Flash light and extra batteries
– Extra oil
– Fix-a-Flat
– Pocket utility knife


If your car is situated right next to the road and it is not running, get out of the car. Someone may come along and hit your car. You are better off being away from the car than in it.

Use caution during the winter months if you are stuck in your car. Make sure your tailpipe is free from snow or other debris before you sit in the running car to keep warm. If your tailpipe is clogged, the fumes will back up into the car, filling it with dangerous toxins.

Be wary of strangers who stop to help you. Keep your doors locked and your windows up if someone approaches your car. If they are offering help, ask them to call for you. If you have already called, thank them for their offer and then let them know help is already coming.


how to run your car on water pdf

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Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

If you want to learn more about landscaping, you can visit 7250 Landscaping Ideas Review for more information.


A common landscaping method for the front of the house is a row of low evergreen shrubs with a tall evergreen shrub at each corner of the house. There is nothing wrong with that time-honored tradition that fits most house designs. Savvy homeowners, however, may find that they can enhance the curb appeal of their house by going beyond the common theme. You do not have to hire a professional landscape designer to create a landscaping plan for the corner of your house. With shovels and plants from your local garden center, you can transform your landscape design beyond ordinary.

Form a peninsula

Remove sod to create a peninsula extending outward from the corner of the house. For instance, try a semi-circle or half-oval about 6 feet across. Plant a small tree, like a Japanese maple or flowering dogwood, near the outer perimeter of the new planting area. Set smaller plants, like evergreens shrubs or flowering plants as desired. For added appeal, add a lawn ornament such as a gazing ball or bird bath. Cover the area with 2 to 4 inches of mulch to retain moisture and block weed growth.

Create a seating area

Lay brick, cobblestone, or other preferred patio surface. Design the patio in a circle or other desired shape. For privacy, plant shrubs as needed around the patio. This landscaping option is particularly beneficial when a door is near the corner of the house. When a patio is not needed, placing two chairs in the grass or on a small pad made from closely spaced concrete stepping stones can create a suitable focal point at the corner of the house.

Showcase your favorite flowers

Install an arch or arbor at the side of the house, placing the arbor parallel to the front of the house. The arch or arbor creates an entry to the side of the house. Trail a climbing plant, such as clematis or roses, across the arch or arbor. As an alternative to installing a structure for climbing plants, set out a profusion of flowers such as purple coneflower and yellow coreopsis or continuous bloom rose shrubs such as the Knockout variety. Intersperse evergreen shrubs. In a shady area, plant options may include ferns, hasta, impatiens, astilbe, or hydrangea.


A strategically placed landscaping object adds interest and creates a focal point. Consider a large boulder or concrete ball at the curve of a walkway around the corner of the house. Use boulders or small concrete balls of varying sizes in a landscape peninsula. Check garden centers for landscaping objects available in your area that may include sundials, small statues, or brass or stainless steel artistic designs.

More landscaping ideas from Barbara Raskauskas:

Blank Wall Landscaping Ideas

Tips to Brighten Dark Areas in Landscape Design

Landscaping ideas around trees


front yard landscaping ideas pictures

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Real Estate Investing Courses

If you want to learn more about real state, you can visit Prop Frog Review for more information.


If you are interested in purchasing a home and moving to the Cortland, New York area, you will most likely need to retain the help of a real estate agency. There are numerous real estate companies that have outstanding real estate agents who are ready and willing to assist you in your search. In addition to helping clients search for a home, these real estate agencies will help you place your home on the market and get it sold.

(1) Hage Real Estate is located at 4070 West Road, otherwise known as Route 281, in Cortland.

Hage Real Estate has over twenty years of experience serving the Cortland Community with excellent service. If you are interesting in finding a home, you can contact the Hage Real Estate agents for more assistance or you can view their current listings on their website The website makes it easy to search because the listing are separated by land, residential, or vacation properties and then by price. One thing that sets Hage Real Estate apart from some of the other competition is that they actually list the addresses of the homes up for sale. Most real estate agencies will only state which city or town the home is located in; however, Hage Real Estate will give an exact street number for almost all of their listings. All listings will have valuable information, pictures, and some listings will even have a virtual home tour.

You may also obtain information about Hage Real Estate and their agents from their website http://www.hagerealestate.com. To schedule a meeting or to ask an agent questions, please call (607) 753-6766.

(2) Gonda Real Estate has over five years experience working with home buyers and sellers in the Cortland area. They are located at 91 North Main Street in Cortland.

Gonda Real Estate will assist clients in buying a new home or selling the one that they currently own. If you are interested in obtaining more information about Gonda Real Estate, you should check out their real estate website at http://www.cortlandrealestate.com. In addition to positing information about their company and agents, the website will provide you with the option to searching existing listing and offers quality tips for buyers or sellers.

If you are interested in speaking to a Gonda Real Estate representative, you can call (607) 753-6645 or email your questions to gonda@cortlandrealestate.com and your will receive a response in a timely matter.

(3) Yaman Real Estate is located at 185 Clinton Avenue in Cortland. Yaman Real Estate has been in business for over fifty years.

If you are searching for a new home or need assistance in selling the one that you currently reside at than Yaman Real Estate is your place to go. They, along with Hage Real Estate, are the two mostly highly recommended real estate agencies in the Cortland area. In addition to being able to search for current listings, you can also learn about their agents and the community of Cortland. Yaman Real Estate will work hard to bring out of towners into the Cortland area by properly educating them on the community.

For more information on Yaman Real Estate, please visit their website at http://www.yaman.com/ or call their office at (607) 753-9644.

For a list of all the realtors located in or around the Cortland area, please visit www.cortlandmls.com. This website also has a searchable option for all current listing in the area, regardless of who the listing is with. Whether you already live in the Cortland area or are planning to move from across the country, the real estate agencies listed above can help you find your dream home.


prop frog review

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Human Anatomy & Physiology

If you want to learn more about human anatomy, you can visit Human Anatomy and Physiology Review for more information.


Light (optical) telescopes are natural for us to understand, but how can we make pictures with things like radio waves or x-rays? The first few posts in this series will answer this question. All types of telescopes will be considered, such as radio, x-ray and gamma-ray telescopes, as well as traditional optical telescopes. But before we begin with telescopes, it’s important to understand how our eyes work.

The anatomy of the eye

The purpose of the eye is to sense light reflecting from objects and make an image the brain can interpret. Light is what enables us to see objects. Without light, we can’t see.

The anatomy of the eye is complex. Since it is not our main purpose to understand anatomy, only the parts of the eye that are essential to imaging are highlighted: the pupil, iris, lens and retina. An illustration of a cross-section of the eye is shown in Figure 1.

The pupil is an opening that lets light into the eye. The size of the pupil, and thus how much light is let into the eye, is controlled by the iris, which is a circular muscle capable of dilating. The retina is the light-sensitive part of the eye and can be thought of as a screen onto which the light from the pupil is projected. This screen has connectivity to your brain, which interprets the image. The purpose of the lens is to project a useful image onto the retina.


Light that comes through the pupil is focused onto the retina by the lens. Focusing is an intuitive concept since we have eyeballs and have probably used cameras or maybe even microscopes previously, but what exactly does focusing mean?

In Figure 2, imagine that light is emanating from a single point on the kitty’s ear tip. The light from the point spreads out in all directions as it travels away from the kitty. A small amount of light from the kitty is collected by the pupil and the light’s path is bent by the lens.

In order for your brain to interpret the light received from the point on the kitty’s ear tip properly, the light projected onto the retina must also be a point. This is exactly what the lens does. It forces the incoming light from the kitty’s ear tip into a single point.

Thinking about light coming from a single point is helpful for understand the formation of an image (we will use this often in later posts), but light really comes from an entire object. The path of light through the eye for an entire object is illustrated in Figure 3.

Though the image is inverted on the retina, we don’t see the kitty as being upside-down. This is because the act of seeing is really our brain interpreting what is on the retina.

The limits of the eye

Think about when you first go out to look at the stars. You can’t see too many, but as your eyes adjust, you can see more and more stars. This is because the pupils open up to let in more light. The iris is the muscle that controls the diameter of the pupil and thus how much light is let into the eye. The more light that is let in, the more detail you can see. However, there are limits. Too much light can damage the retina, so in daylight, the pupil needs to be smaller. When it’s really dark outside, your pupils may be fully open, but they can only open so far, and that is why there are some stars you can’t see with your naked eye.

Now imagine that your pupil had the capability of dilating to a few inches across. Much more light would be let in and you would see faint objects very well. You’d be able to see millions of stars that you couldn’t before. This is exactly the function of a telescope. It is a surrogate huge pupil.

Up next…how an optical telescope works.


human anatomy physiology

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Shure SE215

If you want to learn more about headphones, you can visit SE215 Review for more information.


Personalize your ordinary black headphones or ear buds by decorating the cords with recycled magazine beads. This project is perfectly suited for adults as well as children, as children will love showing off these headphones that they made themselves.

First, choose a magazine or catalog with colors that suit your tastes. For example, gardening or home decorating magazines may have softer colors than gossip magazines, just as an adult clothing catalog will likely have more muted shades than a teen clothing catalog. You can easily substitute other papers as well; try using newspapers, old book pages or used computer paper for a slightly different spin on the project.

Tear or cut out a page from your chosen magazine or catalog that displays colors of your choosing. Use scissors to cut a tapered strip from that page. You may wish to use a ruler to draw a guideline on which to cut. Make sure the widest end of the tapered strip is just as wide as you’d like the finished bead to be. The taper can be as subtle or as severe as you like depending on how distinct you would like the layers of your bead to be.

Use a glue stick to coat one side of the paper strip. Wrap the strip, beginning with the widest end, around the headphone cord. Make sure the glue-covered side of the paper is facing out as you wrap so that you don’t accidentally make your headphone cord sticky with glue.

Continue to make more beads as necessary to fill the length of the cord. As you make more beads, you may wish to vary the widths of the beads for a more randomized appearance or to more easily fill the length of the headphone cord; beads of all the same size will create a more uniform look. Varying colors can also achieve a similar effect.

Another easy do-it-yourself option for putting a creative twist on ordinary black headphones is making a set of friendship bracelet headphones.


shure se315

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